Mesoscopic systems

Notes and literature

József Cserti's handwritten notes (Hungarian)
Short introduction to the transport formalism with Green's functions (Hungarian)
short note about 1d Green's functions, will grow with time
Thesis of Stefano Sanvito -- a nice and pedagogic introduction of the transport formalism (English)
Thesis of Michael Wimmer -- a really thorogh introduction to the transport formalism (English)
A paper by Ivan Rungger and Stefano Sanvito -- a good summary of the formalism

Jupyter notebooks

1D scattering problems (source) general leads (source) simple tricks (source)
Source package of useful routines
Github repository
Play with notebook on binder

Recomended books

Electronic Transport in Mesoscopic Systems by Supriyo Datta
Green’s Functions in Quantum Physics by Eleftherios N. Economou


Minimal conductivity in graphene
Topological Anderson insulator
Magnetic configurations and gauges(wiki for Peierls substitution)
A Crash Course in Python for Scientists
Jupyter / IPython
Scipy / Matplotlib
Tmpnb(throwaway jupyter notebooks for free)
Magyar python oldalak
Magyar python dokumentáció
ELTE python dokumentáció
Python 3 Cheat Sheat
Eötvös quantum transport utilities by the Eötvös quantum transport group
Kwant - a quantum transport code written in python
Pybinding - a mesoscopic system builder written in python (with bindings to KPM methods!)